PowerCore 21B

The PowerCore 21B is an all new digital switching module designed to support up to 22 outputs at 15A each, all protected in a robust splash proof enclosure.

It combines state of-the-art digital switching technology with an attractive user-interface styling to provide designers with an extensive and exciting menu of switching solutions.

The PowerCore 21B responds when it receives switch requests from the keypads or interfaces and then processes these commands based on the current system status.

The response to a switch request may be an activation or deactivation of a circuit or the start of a timed function.

Our PC21B hardware is 100% compatible with the previous generations PC21 controllers, with the convenience of the Deutsch DRC10 40pin connector you can upgrade without changing your wiring harness.

The PC21B is typically used along with one or more of our CANbus keypads and gateways in order to have an intelligent digital switching solution on your vessel.

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